Artificial lift used in the oil & gas industry are more than 75 years old and all are trying to improve existing systems with some small gain.

The ESTSP (Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pumps) – Multiphase is a total “Leap in Technology” and is expected to disrupt and bring about a paradigm change in artificial lift.

The ESTSP (Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pump)-Multiphase is expected to replace 15 to 20% of ESP, Gas Lift and Sucker Rod Pumps in the world in the next 7 years. ESTSP is installed exactly like an ESP and it is operator-proof. Major savings in OPEX.

ESTSP is CE certified for Europe.

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  • There is a selection of pumps for many casing sizes.
  • The pump system from surface to TD is assembled exactly like an ESP and uses an electric submersible motor.
  • The ESTSP replaces many ESP pump stages, the gas intake and the standard seal section.
  • The Can-K designed seal section is all metal (SS) and is impervious to most well fluids
  • Permanent magnet motors (PMM) will be recommended for a wide operating range.
  • Sensors are designed for high temperatures and used for pump control via the VSD.
  • Wear resistant coatings are available (hardness 3800 Knoop).
  • The screws can crush sand (frac proppant) and formation pebbles. Can produce up to 2% solids by volume.
  • There is no Best Efficiency Point (BEP) since the ESTSP is a positive displacement pump. The ESTSP is a true multiphase pump and can handle in excess of 97% gas by volume.
  • Overall range: 50 bpd to 24,000 bpd (oil + water + gas); heavy oil, light oil, condensate, gas